Visual Offerings

Hello friends!

THANK YOU so much for showing up and assisting me today! I so appreciate you and your input so much. I chose YOU because I admire and love you and how you show up in the world, personally and professionally. My desire is to show up more fully in my gifts and take my career to the next level. I don’t know how to do that so I am asking for your help.

My intention is to share the things I love about offering and making art in different ways with the curiosity of what audiences would benefit from this work, how and to whom to market to. I am calling in more collaborative opportunities. Curriently I have been making websites, graphics and commissioned art and I would love to grow more. All feedback is invited and welcomed here.

Ways of showing up that I invite in more of:

  • Co-creation – being part of a team, working together. Feeling like it’s a good match.
  • Ideally working in a field I support, am excited about, and maybe wouldn’t be working with otherwise
  • I love the idea that art can be helpful to others
  • I like creating /contributing  in a way that is joyous and insightful
  • Feeling a sense of alignment and purpose between the product and the project
  • And of course, getting paid well for my expertise!

Below are some examples of work that I have done that checks all or some of those boxes. Most of these examples were a relult from other’s invitaions and inquiries – I didn’t know this work existed before. That’s why I would like to invite your help how as to how to specifically name it.

You can click on the images to see more detail

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Please contact me directly: (email or text/call) if you are interested and share this link with colleagues. I welcome working with you for a special commissioned piece, large or small – or illustration gig as well, of course! You can see more of my work in my general portfolio.

Thanks for looking, and supporting art!

xo ★KB★

Past Projects

A chat with Phil Wyman

An eccentric wizard / priest / druid whose career was set in Salem, Massachusetts.

Body Scan Drawings

Two sessions of a person talking about what they are sensing in thier life or where they want to go and my translation. One person commissioned me to do a painting of her session.