Available Pieces

Hello friends!

Since most of us are wondering what to do with ourselves this time of year, how about checking out some art in the moment? All pieces are available, on cardboard, ready to hang and priced between $20 – $70.

You can see most of them in real life at Sunflower Diner, inside the West Village Market in Asheville, North Carolina. I have other pieces (not shown here) also on view at Folk Keeper Gallery in Lenoir, NC and large pieces are residing at Urban Orchard West if you find yourself out and about.

Please contact me directly: (email or text/call) if you are interested and share this link with friends and family. Of course I can ship anywhere, and will be updating this page.

I welcome working with you for a special commissioned piece, large or small – or illustration gig as well, of course! You can see more of my work in my general portfolio.

Stay sane, stay safe, thanks for looking, and supporting art!

xo ★KB★

You can let go of that weight on your back
jump tracks
let it rebuild naturally
you see
it doesn’t have to be perfect
it doesn’t have to be just right
loosen up the reins
you’ve been holding on to so tight

nobody to scold you
nobody to shame you
1 foot in front of the other
let us rearrange you

Come rest by my waters
they flow without stopping
just as we are meant to Be
Love, Ideas and Creativity

Nature has its own Orchestra
and we are one sound of many
when we find our own Chord
we Harmonize perfectly

so take the weight off your back
put down that sack
it wasn’t yours anyways
but you’re nice and you care

you thought it was the right way
striving for perfection in all the ways
but in the end it’s exhausting
and impossible too

we’ll always get to start over
it’s never too late
we can say “thank you
” to what was
and choose a new fate

listen to your rhythms
follow your own rhyme
things make more sense
if you give it some time

you belong here
and so do I
don’t let them fool you
we don’t deserve to be denied

take your time,
it’s what we’ve got
don’t let others tell you
you need to hurry a lot –
to get here and there,
to do more, more and more

you’ll find once you have at all
it’s really just a

you will see you are not the Hunted
as your soul has been crying out
“please give me some attention”
to be heard over the shouts

this body as an instrument
synchronized with Joy
casting out the shadows
lights the path for others –
ahoy ahoy O boy

don’t try too hard
the mind just gets in the way
the whole point is to play
and do whatever moves you
that thing you do

It doesn’t have to be perfect
it doesn’t have to be just right
but it’s lovely if you show up anyways –
what we think are our troubles
could actually be